2020 (Election) Marks Major Shift in American Consciousness

Based on Nietzsche’s 3 metamorphoses framework, I wonder if the 2020 presidential election marks the evolution of American spirit (consciousness) from a CAMEL to a LION, that challenges the established social norms and rules and begins to assert its inner freedom and express its true individuality.

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The 3 (possible) metamorphoses of American consciousness

But I eagerly wait for the next stage in the evolution of American consciousness: the CHILD who uses its curiosity and innocence to no longer just say “NO” to reject what came before (like the Lion), but uses its ingenuity to CREATE a new and better reality (world).

Having immigrated to the US in 1999, I experienced SHEEP-like, terror-induced American culture from 2001 till 2008. Americans dared evolve from Sheep to Camel in 2008, by transcending their fear and leaping into the unknown by boldly electing Barack Obama, an African-American, as their president.

Warning: the evolution of consciousness (depicted in my graphic) is NOT linear; there would be setbacks and regression in the journey (e.g. Trump’s election in 2016), but what matters is the long-term trajectory.

Here are 2 good articles and an animation on Nietzsche’s 3 metamorphoses:

Photo credits: Jjron (Wiki), Clément Bardot, Adobe Stock

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