India is now the epicenter of a global PROBLEM…
….with 50% of new COVID-19 cases reported in India

The whole humanity is worried about being contaminated by the Indian variant

But India could also become the epicenter of global SOLUTIONS as…

…India alone is expected to contribute to a whopping 50% of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in next 10 years

It’s in humanity’s “enlightened self-interest” to help India embark on a sustainable development trajectory

If India doesn’t drastically curb its CO2 emissions in next 10 years, it will worsen climate crisis and all Western economies will suffer


I just submitted an article to a top management journal

I had 10 weeks to write it. I didn’t do anything for 9 weeks. I felt I was procrastinating but I knew something deeper was going on

Last Friday, I sat down and the 4,300-word article “wrote by itself” in 3 days.

Here is what happened

My article introduces a new META-PARADIGM

A Meta-Paradigm is a centuries/millennia-old socio-cultural belief system deeply entrenched in our psyche.

It is the SOLID SUBCONSCIOUS FOUNDATION for all our existing/new paradigms that drive our economies and societies (see top half of the graphic below)


20 years years ago (2001) America was attacked (9/11)

America’s SELF-CONFIDENCE (sense of INVINCIBILITY) was shattered and, I believe, has been on the decline since then

In 2001, George W Bush responded to terrorist attacks by unleashing America’s tried-and-true HARD POWER, namely its military might by invading Afghanistan and Irak (while Osama Bin Laden, 9/11’s real mastermind, was still on the loose)

In 2009, with Obama’s arrival at the White House, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used America’s SMART POWER (America’s *convening* force) to bring together foreign nations to collectively resolve global issues through diplomatic solutions (read about Smart Power…

To tame COVID-19 India needs a decentralized manufacturing strategy that leverages Makers

Ma nièce Léa, 17 ans me dit: « Ma prof de philo dit que l’Homme et la Nature sont distincts. L’Homme est supérieur à la Nature et utilise La Raison pour dominer la Nature ‘sauvage’ et créer des civilisations

Je ne ressens pas les choses comme ça. Pour moi, l’Homme (et la Femme !) fait partie de la Nature »

Léa a raison: Vu l’urgence climatique, nous ne devrons plus considérer la Nature comme « une chose sauvage là-bas », qui doit être soit exploitée (posture du Guerrier) ou protégée (posture du Sauveur)

Avec sagesse, réalisons que nous sommes la…

As the Covid-19 crisis worsens in India, I applaud French President Emmanuel Macron for sending 8 world-class, high capacity oxygen generator plants to India as part of France’s solidarity mission.

I also praise French Ambassador to India, H.E. Mr Emmanuel Lenain, for humbly thanking India for providing life-saving drugs to France in Spring 2020 when French hospitals faced acute shortages.

Other Western countries are sending oxygen cylinders to India, which address India’s short-term needs.

But the French oxygen generator plants will supply oxygen to 8 Indian hospitals non-stop for 12 years, hence boosting their long-term autonomy.

While this is praiseworthy…

The US spends highest on healhcare in the world. Yet, outcomes are dismal:
- Americans’ life expectancy is dropping
- US infant mortality is very high
- 60% Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic disease
- 22% Americans skip consultations due to high cost

The US healhcare suffers from what I call the LWM (“Less with More”) syndrome: it delivers less and less value to US citizens even as it keeps spending more

COVID-19 exposed the systemic deficiencies in US health system

The only way the US health system can cure its LWM syndrome is by inoculating itself with…

In our book Jugaad Innovation, we show how resource-constrained entrepreneurs use DESIGN FEELING to find an ingenious way to solve their OWN problem (a pain they viscerally experience at very*personal* level), and then scale up this frugal solution to benefit others

How can Western entrepreneurs go beyond design thinking and practice “design feeling” ?

The FinX is an experiential program that helps fintech entrepreneurs literally get under the skin of financially-challenged Americans and viscerally experience their pain

The Financial Health Network’s FinX (Financial Experience) shows the way. FinX is a unique in-the-field experiential learning program in which fintech entrepreneurs go through multiple real-life challenges faced by people with financial difficulties on a daily basis. They literally “get under their customer’s skin”.

For instance…

Conscious Design that integrates our thinking, feeling, intuiting, doing is key to craft happy life as well as conscious organizations and conscious societies

In coming decade, I foresee the field of Design evolving and expanding in 2 strategic ways:

  1. As we recover from Covid19 we need to design not only new products services, processes, and experiences (with emphasis on safety, health, sustainability), but we also need to design:
    - new organizational structures (to accommodate virtualized/decentralized workplaces and drive bottom-up innovation)
    - new wise & resilient leadership models that foster diversity and thrive on ambiguity (see:
    - new collaborative industry value networks (that encourage co-creation rather than competition:
    - new inclusive/regenerative socio-economic ecosystems like frugal economy (see

2021 has arrived. Time for (inner) cleaning!

I began my clean(s)ing in October 2019. After living in the Bay Area for 13 years, I sensed I needed a big shift in my life. I decided to relocate to New York.

I was living in Palo Alto in a cozy 1,600 square feet apartment that cost me a fortune to rent. But I was earning decent income so I could afford it. Over the years, I had accumulated a lot of stuff: my house was filled with 2,000+ books and precious artwork collected from all over the world. …

Navi Radjou

Indian-French-American Scholar in Frugal Innovation + Wise Leadership. TED Speaker. Author of Conscious Society (2021). Visit:

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