20 years years ago (2001) America was attacked (9/11)

America’s SELF-CONFIDENCE (sense of INVINCIBILITY) was shattered and, I believe, has been on the decline since then

In 2001, George W Bush responded to terrorist attacks by unleashing America’s tried-and-true HARD POWER, namely its military might by invading Afghanistan and Irak…

Ma nièce Léa, 17 ans me dit: « Ma prof de philo dit que l’Homme et la Nature sont distincts. L’Homme est supérieur à la Nature et utilise La Raison pour dominer la Nature ‘sauvage’ et créer des civilisations

Je ne ressens pas les choses comme ça. Pour moi, l’Homme…

The US spends highest on healhcare in the world. Yet, outcomes are dismal:
- Americans’ life expectancy is dropping
- US infant mortality is very high
- 60% Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic disease
- 22% Americans skip consultations due to high cost

The US healhcare suffers from…

Conscious Design that integrates our thinking, feeling, intuiting, doing is key to craft happy life as well as conscious organizations and conscious societies

In coming decade, I foresee the field of Design evolving and expanding in 2 strategic ways:

  1. As we recover from Covid19 we need to design not only new products services, processes, and experiences (with emphasis on safety, health, sustainability), but we also need to design:
    - new organizational structures (to accommodate…

Navi Radjou

Indian-French-American Scholar in Frugal Innovation + Wise Leadership. TED Speaker. Author of Conscious Society (2021). Visit: NaviRadjou.com

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