Exit “Make in India”. Enter “Makers in India”

Navi Radjou
May 10, 2021

The Indian government’s inability to respond to the oxygen crisis shows the limitations of its centralized “Make in India” strategy.

Given its vast diversity, however, India needs a decentralized manufacturing strategy.

Makers in India are showing the way.

In 2020, the M19 Makers Collective built 1 million face shields in a decentralized manner in record time, saving thousands of lives.

Now the M19 Collective is activating local communities across India to crowdsource production of 2900 M19 Oxikit, an open-source oxygen concentrator, using locally sourced parts and materials in over 290 cities, towns and villages in India.

To tame COVID-19 India needs a decentralized manufacturing strategy that leverages Makers

The goal is to build capacity to manufacture locally and in a decentralised manner.

Support the M19 Oxikit initiative: https://lnkd.in/gCMnzaY

Read this inspiring STIR world article on M19 Oxikit project:



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