From Smart To Wise Space Exploration

If we view space as a “market” to “conquer” and explore it with the same ego-driven energies (fear, greed, power) that run our society/economy we will re-create in space the same problems (inequality, wars, resource scarcity) that have wreaked havoc on Earth, leading to the scary scenario captured in The Expanse.

But if we undertake space exploration wisely with humility we might gain new insights — and encounter new civilizations — that will help us learn more about ourselves as human beings and enrich us internally and become whole, as inspiringly depicted in Star Trek.

We need to elevate our consciousness so we can set the right Sankalpa (‘Intention’ in Sanskrit) and evolve From Smart to Wise space explorers.

In the graphic below, I depict 2 possible scenarios for where space exploration could lead us depending on whether we raise our consciousness or not.

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Graphics: Wikimedia Commons

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