hi Elsa and Steve: thanks for highlighting the relevance of frugal innovation in today's context. In 2015, with my coauthor Jaideep Prabhu, we published with The Economist the seminal book that looked at how frugal innovation can be applied in WESTERN context, especially US and Europe. Check it out: https://www.amazon.com/Frugal-Innovation-more-Economist-Books/dp/1610395050. Also check out my new article in Fast Company on how Corporate America can embrace frugal innovation: https://www.fastcompany.com/90482825/corporate-america-must-learn-to-innovate-frugally-to-get-through-the-coronavirus-crisis . Finally: I lived 13 years in Silicon Valley and just left it for New York. I didn't see much "frugal" culture in Silicon Valley so I left :-) Would be happy to share with you my insights on frugal innovation, based on my 15 years of research and consulting. Cheers, Navi

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Indian-French-American Scholar in Frugal Innovation + Wise Leadership. TED Speaker. Author of Conscious Society (2021). Visit: NaviRadjou.com

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