India must embody “ShivShakti” right here on Earth — not just on the Moon

Navi Radjou
2 min readAug 28, 2023
The Ardhanarishvara is a form of the Hindu deity Shiva combined with his consort Parvati (Shakti). Graphic: Wikipedia

It makes sense to name ShivShakti (abbrev. for “Shiva + Shakti”) the landing spot of India’s chandrayaan-3 spacecraft on the moon.

Ardhanarishvara — the integrated (or rather “integral”) form of Shiva and Shakti — perfectly embodies the non-dual consciousness that Indian spiritual traditions are known for.

“Embodied non-dual consciousness” is the bedrock of Tantrism.

EMBODIED non-dual consciousness” is represented by the number 3 (as in Chandrayaan-3) which “transcends and includes” all dualities (symbolized by number 2)

On the other hand, “TRANSCENDENTAL non-dual consciousness” is represented by the number 1 (Oneness) which transcends all dualities but don’t include them.

Now I am eager to see if India could EMBODY ShivShakti’s non-dual (“integral”) consciousness right here on Earth at 3 levels:

1 — By giving more power to women in India’s patriarchal society — so more women can leverage their Shakti to reinvent India’s economy and politics for the better

2 — By respecting the different religious beliefs of all Indians — as you realize all religions are the diverse expressions of the same Divine Source.

Non-dual consciousness is synonymous with ALL-INCLUSIVENESS.

If you are truly conscious, you won’t exclude anyone merely on the basis of his/her religious affiliation.

3 — By pursuing conscious and sustainable economic development that not only respects but regenerates Prakriti (our Shakti-infused BioSphere aka Mother Earth)



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