Introducing my new book: The Frugal Economy - Building a Better World with Less

Navi Radjou
2 min readJun 12, 2024


Great news: I will release globally my new book The Frugal Economy: A Guide to Building a Better World with Less on October 8, 2024.

This optimistic book is published by Wiley in partnership with Thinkers50.

Let me explain why this book is soooooo timely and how it will super-inspire you.

Human beings are built to “do more.

It’s what drives individuals to accomplish extraordinary things, like breaking the speed record in the 100-meter dash (at Olympics), landing people on the face of the moon, and scaling Mount Everest.

But what should we do when our limitless imaginations and ambitions bump up against a limited planet with finite resources?

In The Frugal Economy: A Guide to Building a Better World With Less, I deliver an insightful discussion of how human­ity can continue to develop and thrive for generations to come while remaining within the natural boundaries of planet Earth.

I argue convincingly that we must fundamen­tally change our economic systems so that it provides a qualitatively different kind of growth that benefits everyone and enhances social and ecological harmony.

The book outlines how we can achieve limitless human growth on a finite planet while abandoning our destructive pursuit of infinite economic growth.

You’ll learn how we can all LIVE BETTER WITH LESS, revisiting the evolutionary need of all creatures to “do more” and “be more.”

You’ll also discover how we can begin respecting our planetary boundaries and reduce the negative externalities of business and market activities.

The Frugal Economy outlines the restrictions and incentives we should all embrace if we are to secure our future on Earth.

You’ll find over 100 inspiring real-life examples from around the world (including 30+ in the US) of companies fuel­ing the 3 megatrends, worth trillions of dollars, that will radically reshape our societies:

- B2B sharing

- Distributed manufacturing

- Triple regeneration

Read my recent World Economic Forum article on triple regeneration, a key pillar of the frugal economy.

Perfect for managers, executives, directors, and other business leaders, The Frugal Economy will also prove invaluable for regulators, policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs, founders, and anyone else with an interest in the future of humanity and the planet.

The book will be released (in English) in North America, Europe, and Asia simultaneously on October 8, 2024.

You can preorder it in the US and the UK. Here are links:

Amazon US:

Barnes & Noble, Inc. (US): (US):

Books A Million (US):

Amazon UK:

Waterstones (UK):

If you live in Asia, you can pre-order it on Amazon Singapore:

If you live outside North America, Europe, Asia, you can pre-order it through the local Amazon website in your country.



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