Practice POST-VITAM to remember 2020 positively

Do the POST-VITAM exercise to end 2020 positively.

After a crisis, individuals and organizations do POST-MORTEM to identify the root cause of what went *wrong* so we avoid a similar crisis in future. Sadly, rather than enable introspection & growth, Post-Mortem leads to Victimization and Blame.

Instead, I suggest you practice POST-VITAM.

Identify what you did *right* in 2020 that made you come ALIVE during Covid-19 crisis and reflect on how you can *amplify* these factors in 2021.

I did my own Post-Vitam and learned a lot about myself. In Q1, all my speaking engagements got cancelled, and my income plummeted. I was scared. But being an Enneagram Type 2 (The Helper), I am wired to help others. So I did dozens of free webinars throughout 2020 to inspire/motivate others.

In doing so, I felt more ALIVE in 2020 than ever in my adult life.

The life lesson I learned in 2020 is: “As long as I am aligned with my Swadharma (my true Higher Nature), the Universe will take care of me.”

Positive psychology (and trauma studies) shows that “You Create Your Past in the Present.” Post-Vitam will help you store your 2020 memories — however traumatic — with “positive charge” in your brain (and nervous system) so every time you recall 2020 in the future its memories won’t “trigger” a big negative charge

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