Silicon Valley Needs To Wisen Up

In the wake of the Facebook scandal, I hear people ask “How can someone so smart as Mark Zuckerberg do something so inappropriate?”.

As my coauthor Prasad Kaipa and I explain in our book From Smart To Wise, smartness can become an *addiction* unless it is tempered with wisdom.

Wisdom underpins critical leadership qualities such as ethics, discernement, and humility. As the graphic below shows, Silicon Valley leaders urgently need to find their North Star, a noble purpose that transcends their limited ego. Only then will they be able to evolve in consciousness and rein in their untamed intelligence so they can apply their genius IQ to serve the common good with ethical clarity — rather than acting in self-centered way with hubris.

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I invite all leaders at Facebook and other Silicon Valley firms to use our self-assessment tool (SixCapabilities) to identify their leadership deficiencies and find ways to evolve from smart to wise leaders:

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