Tackling ‘Problems Without Borders’ in the Age of Convergence

Brexit, terrorist attacks in Orlando and Nice, a failed coup in democratic Turkey, record-high temperatures globally, a US presidential candidate who wants to seal off America behind a 2,000-mile-long wall… Eight months into 2016, the world seems to be disintegrating fast. In every region, stability and unity are being replaced by insecurity and insularity. Centrifugal forces are tearing apart the human fabric.

It might seem that these are discrete problems, singular to each affected region in an Age of Divergence.

I, however, believe that, humanity and its problems are actually converging. That humanity as a whole is grappling with what I call “problems without borders” — chronic illnesses, escalating pollution, climate change (e.g., rising sea levels, water scarcity, global warming), and terrorism now affect every man and woman on the planet irrespective of his/her gender, skin color, or income level.

Welcome to the Age of Convergence: click here to learn more…

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Indian-French-American Scholar in Frugal Innovation + Wise Leadership. TED Speaker. Author of Conscious Society (2021). Visit: NaviRadjou.com

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