The future of Design is Inner Design (of your Life)

Navi Radjou
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


Conscious Design that integrates our thinking, feeling, intuiting, doing is key to craft happy life as well as conscious organizations and conscious societies

In coming decade, I foresee the field of Design evolving and expanding in 2 strategic ways:

  1. As we recover from Covid19 we need to design not only new products services, processes, and experiences (with emphasis on safety, health, sustainability), but we also need to design:
    - new organizational structures (to accommodate virtualized/decentralized workplaces and drive bottom-up innovation)
    - new wise & resilient leadership models that foster diversity and thrive on ambiguity (see:
    - new collaborative industry value networks (that encourage co-creation rather than competition:
    - new inclusive/regenerative socio-economic ecosystems like frugal economy (see )
    - new grassroots political governance (like participative democracy)
  2. All the above are focused on designing a better Outer World. But there is a spiritual revolution under way as more people, especially Gens Y/Z seek meaning in life. As such, we ALL need to become CONSCIOUS DESIGNERS of our subjective Inner Life.

To consciously “design” a Purposeful Life, one needs to harness & integrate 4 interrelated faculties: Thinking (Mind), Feeling (Heart), Intuiting (Soul), and Doing (Body).

Conscious Design is key to craft a fulfilling personal life and to co-create conscious organizations and conscious societies of 21st century.

Have you found your Inner Design yet ?



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