The Future of Sustainability: From Sole print to Soul print

As humanity’s consciousness evolves in the 21st century, we will gradually realize that Nature is not a thing “out there” that we need to “protect” or even “regenerate”. We will all come to realize WE ARE NATURE.

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The future of sustainability: from minimizing our sole print to maximizing our soul print

Rather than merely seek to reduce our negative ecological footprint (as Gen X leaders try to do) or even enlarge our positive ecological handprint (that Gen Yers are keen to do), I expect Gen Zers to strive to broaden their heartprint by “feeling” Nature and establish an emotional/visceral connection with the Cosmos.

The Gen Alpha (Greta Thunberg), gifted with non-dual integral awareness, will go even further and vie to enlarge their soulprint by co-evolving our collective consciousness and help realize Nature’s hidden purpose: usher in The Life Divine on Earth.

To learn more about the link between the evolution of consciousness and sustainability read my Fast Company article.

If you speak French, you can watch my talk on Conscious Society (watch from 12:10) to learn how conscious organizations and institutions help employees, customers, and citizens maximize their soul print while minimizing their sole print.

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