The Rise of Frugal Healthcare

The US spends highest on healhcare in the world. Yet, outcomes are dismal:
- Americans’ life expectancy is dropping
- US infant mortality is very high
- 60% Americans suffer from at least 1 chronic disease
- 22% Americans skip consultations due to high cost

The US healhcare suffers from what I call the LWM (“Less with More”) syndrome: it delivers less and less value to US citizens even as it keeps spending more

COVID-19 exposed the systemic deficiencies in US health system

The only way the US health system can cure its LWM syndrome is by inoculating itself with a new frugal mindset that I call BWL (“Better With Less”)

BWL is at the heart of frugal innovation— a disruptive strategy that helps deliver better care to more people at lower cost using fewer resources

Read these 2 case studies on Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Italian makers to learn how to develop frugal medical solutions:

Learn how University of Illinois Chicago and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation lead frugal innovation in US healthcare

Listen to this Chicago Public Media podcast on how frugal innovation can revolutionize US healthcare:

The Frugal Health Revolution begins!

Indian-French-American Scholar in Frugal Innovation + Wise Leadership. TED Speaker. Author of Conscious Society (2021). Visit:

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